With a population of 3.8 million inhabitants Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia after Sydney. Melbourne is located in a bay along the coast of southern Australia on the lower reaches of the Yarra River and is the capital of the state of Victoria. The area in and around Melbourne has been inhabited for 30000-40000 years. The first European settlement was established in 1803 on Sulllivan bay, but was quickly abandoned and the area would be only settled again by Europeans in 1835. Nowadays Melbourne has Australia's busiest seaport and much of Australia's automotive industry is located here. Melbourne is also a major technology hub, with an information and communications industry employing over 60000 people. Melbournians claim it's Australia's most livable city.
01 Apartment block under construction 02 Meadow with trees along river 03 Yarra river and bridge 04 Modern art sculptures 05 Colourful flags 06 Golden bees sculpture
07 Skyline and Princes bridge 08 Lantern 09 Tourist boats on Yarra river 10 Melbourne cricket ground
11 Yarra river 01 Rialto towers 02 Skyscraper 03 Skyscraper 04 Swanston street 05 Skyscraper
06 Exhibition street 07 Skyline with skyscrapers 08 Skyline with skyscrapers 09 Skyline with skyscrapers
10 Skyline with skyscrapers 11 Skyline with skyscrapers 12 Skyline with skyscrapers 13 Skyline with skyscrapers at dusk
14 Skyline with skyscrapers at night 15 Skyline with skyscrapers at night 16 AMP tower at night 01 Park
02 Royal Exhibition Building 03 Park 04 Park 05 Royal Exhibition Building
06 Royal Exhibition Building 07 Royal Exhibition Building 08 Park and skyline 09 Park 10 Royal Exhibition Building
11 Melbourne museum 12 Melbourne museum
13 Melbourne museum 14 Melbourne museum interior 01 Yarra river and skyscrapers
02 CBD skyline 03 Yarra river and skyscrapers 04 Skyline at sunset
05 Crowne plaza hotel 06 River and Central Business District 07 Yarra river and skyscrapers 08 Crowne plaza hotel and fires at dusk
09 Yarra river and skyscrapers 10 CBD skyline at night 11 Yarra river skyline at night
12 Yarra river skyline at night 13 Yarra river waterfront at night 14 Yarra river waterfront at night 01 Flinders station clock tower
02 Flinders station clock tower 03 Federation square 04 St Paul cathedral 05 St Paul cathedral 06 Anti-war demonstration on Federation square
07 Anti-war demonstration on Federation square 08 Federation square 09 Flinders street station 10 St Paul cathedral 11 Entrance to Rialto towers
12 National bank and tram 13 Silk road bar 14 Angus bookstore 15 Gothic bank and ANZ banking museum 16 Hardy brothers jewellery store
17 Central shopping mall 18 Central shopping mall 19 Central shopping mall 20 Central shopping mall 21 Central shopping mall
22 Occitane beauty shop 23 Central shopping mall 24 La Trobe statue 25 Street and skyline 26 Victoria library
27 La Trobe 28 Letter boxes 29 Yellow taxis 01 Skyline with Yarra river and CBD
02 South Melbourne skyline 03 South Melbourne at sunset 04 South Melbourne at sunset
05 Skyline with Yarra river at dusk 06 South Melbourne at dusk 07 Telstra dome at night
08 South Melbourne at night
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