Brisbane is the capital of the Australian state of Queensland and with 1.5 million inhabitants its largest city. The city is situated on the Brisbane River on a low-lying floodplain between Moreton Bay and the Great Dividing Range in southeastern Queensland. The city was initially settled in 1823 when a penal colony was set up, which later evolved into a larger city. Brisbane is a pleasant city, which however does not have too many sights. It has a nice mix of colonial era and modern architecture. The Brisbane central business district lies in a curve of the Brisbane river.
01 Baptist church 02 Central railway station 03 Uniting church 04 City hall 05 Bank of New South Wales
06 Conrad Treasury Brisbane hotel 07 Conrad Treasury Brisbane hotel 08 General post office 09 General post office 10 St John cathedral
11 Central railway station 12 Anzac memorial 13 Dymocks bookshop 14 Old Executive building and Queens park
15 Old Executive building and Queens park 16 Statue of Thomas Ryan 17 Statue of Queen Victoria in front of Old Executive building 18 Statue of queen Victoria 19 Conrad Treasury Brisbane hotel
20 MacArthur museum 01 Angel sculpture 02 Metal arch 03 Botanic gardens park 04 Yellow taxis
05 Myer mall and cinemas 06 Skyscrapers 07 Edward street 08 Louis Vuitton luxury goods shop 09 Edward street
10 Anzac square 11 Anzac square 01 Pedestrian area 02 Pedestrian area 03 Open air cafe
04 Pedestrian area and shops 05 Pedestrian area and shops 06 Pedestrian area and shops 07 Pedestrian area and shops 08 Pedestrian area and shops
09 Start of pedestrian area 10 Pedestrian area and shops 11 Queens Plaza food court 12 Queens Plaza food court 13 Queens Plaza food court
14 Shops 15 Pedestrian area 16 Pedestrian area and shops 17 Pedestrian area and shops 18 Hungry Jack fast food restaurant
19 Bookstall 01 Riverside expressway 02 Riverside expressway 03 Riverside expressway 04 Business district
05 Brisbane skyline and river 06 Brisbane skyline and river
07 Brisbane skyline and river 08 Goodwill and Southeast Freeway bridges 09 Victoria bridge
10 Brisbane river 11 Brisbane skyline and river at dusk
12 Brisbane skyline and river at dusk 13 Brisbane skyline and river at dusk
14 Business district at dusk 15 Brisbane skyline and river at night
16 Brisbane skyline and river at night 01 Ferris wheel cabin 02 Ferris wheel 03 Queensland conservatorium
04 Chinese temple 05 Sacred ibis 06 Sacred ibis 07 Ferris wheel at night
01 Airport 02 Airport 03 Queueing up
04 Queueing up at the check-in counter
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