Djemila, a small city in the Atlas mountains of northern Algeria, is the site of the ancient Roman city of Cuicul. Cuicul originated in the 1st century AD as a Roman military garrison in the mountains of the northern African province of Numidia at 930m of altitude, on a plateau between two rivers. The location of Djemila is very scenic, because the site is on a meadow surrounded by the mountains.
The entrance to the archaeological site is at the northern end of the village of Djemila. Next to the entrance there is a small museum with some artifacts. A small path leads to the ruins, which are spread to the left and the right of the main street, the Cardo Maximus. Roughly in the middle of the site there is the temple of Septimius Severus. From here a side road leads a theatre.
Djemila has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1982.
How to get to Djemila
Djemila is 311 km to the east of Algiers. Most of the road is motorway, but the last 25km are a narrow and winding mountain road. With a (lunch) stop it takes five hours to reach Djemila from Algiers.
Google Maps shows some hotels in Djemila, but it probably makes more sense to spend the night in Setif, where there is more choice of hotels.
01 Entrance 02 Djemila
03 Djemila 04 Djemila
05 Djemila 06 Djemila ruins
07 Historical market 08 Djemila ruins 09 Arched gate 10 Arched gate
11 Djemila 12 Christian baptismal area 13 Public baths
14 View towards north 15 Public fountain
16 Central area with arch and temple 17 Djemila ruins 18 Arch of Caracalla
19 Arch of Caracalla 20 Doric columns 21 Public fountain 22 New forum and Severian square
23 Cardo street panoramic view 24 Columns along cardo maximus 25 Cardo maximus street
26 Cardo maximus street 27 Cardo maximus with columns 28 Gate on cardo maximus 29 Gate on cardo maximus
30 Temple of Venus Genetrix 31 Djemila ruins 32 Djemila ruins 33 Djemila ruins
34 Gate on cardo street 35 Chamber 36 Columns lined street 37 Severian temple
38 Temple of Septimius Severus 39 Severian temple 40 Severian temple
41 Central area with Severian temple 42 Central area with Severian temple
43 Central area with Severian temple 44 Cardo maximus street 45 Christian baptismal area
46 Christian baptismal area 47 Christian baptismal area 48 Building fragments
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