Kruja (also known as Kruj√ę) is a small and picturesque town in the mountains of Albania, about 30km north of Tirana. The main reason to visit this place are the ruins of the castle of Kruja, a historical place where the Albanian army with limited garrisons managed to withstand three massive sieges from the Turks between 1450 and 1467 under the command of Skanderbeg, the Albanian national hero. Nowadays only ruins are left of the original fortress, but a modern museum, the Skanderbeg museum, has been built on the site of the former castle. Kruja itself is a pleasant small town, a bit touristy, with a large bazaar below the castle and a number of cafes and restaurants.
How to get to Kruja
It is possible to visit Kruja as a daytrip from Tirana by bus (45 min.) or by car.
For those who choose to stay in Kruja, there are a few hotels in the city, easily bookable via online portals.
01 Kruja castle 02 Panoramic view of Kruje 03 Bazaar 04 Bazaar
05 Bazaar 06 Castle 07 Kruja castle 08 Castle gate 09 Skanderbeg museum
10 Skanderbeg museum 11 Skanderbeg museum 12 Skanderbeg museum 13 Skanderbeg museum
14 Castle 15 Kruja fortress 16 Kruja 17 Castle tower
18 Castle tower 19 Tower 20 Skanderbeg bas-relief 21 Skanderbeg museum 22 Kruja castle
23 Bazaar 24 Bazaar 25 Bazaar
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