Durrës is a city along the coast in central Albania. With 200000 inhabitants it is the second largest city in Albania and is home to the port of Durres, one of the largest harbours on the Adriatic sea with ferry connections to Italy. Founded by the Greeks in the 7th century BC, it later became part of the Roman and Byzantine empires. In the 16th century it was conquered by the Ottomans. Durrës has a pleasant city centre with a few old buildings, but is otherwise a relatively uninteresting city.
01 White building in Epidamn street 02 Illyria square with fountain 03 Illyria square with fountain
04 Big mosque 05 Aleksander Goga square with fountain 06 Aleksander Goga square with fountain
07 Sfinksi dam at sunset 08 Sunset 09 Beach promenade 10 Venetian tower
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