Carlton gardens photo gallery  - 14 pictures of Carlton gardens
Central Melbourne photo gallery  - 29 pictures of Central Melbourne
Central Business District photo gallery  - 32 pictures of Central Business District
Hyde park and around photo gallery  - 19 pictures of Hyde park and around
14 photos of the Carlton gardens, a pleasant park northeast of the central business district
29 photos of central area of Melbourne, with a mix of modern architecture and colonial era buildings
32 photos of the central business district of Sydney, the main commercial area of the city with many skyscrapers
19 photos of Hyde park, a large park in Sydney
The Rocks photo gallery  - 9 pictures of The Rocks
Sultan Abu Bakar mosque photo gallery  - 6 pictures of Sultan Abu Bakar mosque
Colonial Brisbane photo gallery  - 20 pictures of Colonial Brisbane
9 photos of the Rocks, the historical area of Sydney, where the town was initially founded in 1788
6 photos of the Sultan Abu Bakar mosque, the state mosque of Johor
20 photos of the colonial heritage of Brisbane
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