Tyre photo gallery  - 50 pictures of Tyre
Cedars of God photo gallery  - 18 pictures of Cedars of God
Qadisha valley photo gallery  - 16 pictures of Qadisha valley
50 photos of Tyre, the ancient Phoenician city where purple dye was invented
18 photos of the Cedars of God forest in the Lebanese mountains near Bcharre
16 photos of the Qadisha valley, a narrow valley in northern Lebanon with several monasteries
Ohrid photo gallery  - 74 pictures of Ohrid
Kotor photo gallery  - 36 pictures of Kotor
74 photos of the medieval city of Ohrid and the eponymous lake in southwestern Macedonia
36 photos of Kotor, a small medieval harbour town in a narrow bay in Montenegro
Algiers photo gallery  - 88 pictures of Algiers
Djemila photo gallery  - 48 pictures of Djemila
Sighisoara photo gallery  - 38 pictures of Sighisoara
Kazanlak photo gallery  - 18 pictures of Kazanlak
88 photos of Algiers, the capital of Algeria
48 photos of Djemila, the site of the ruins of an ancient Roman city in the Algerian mountains
38 photos of Sighisoara, a picturesque medieval city in Transylvania and UNESCO world heritage site
18 photos of the city of Kazanlak, a centre for rose oil production, with the Thracian tomb
Lake Neusiedl photo gallery  - 13 pictures of Lake Neusiedl
13 photos of lake Neusiedl, a shallow lake at the border of Austria and Hungary
Galle photo gallery  - 57 pictures of Galle
Kandy photo gallery  - 51 pictures of Kandy
57 photos of Galle, a picturesque coastal city in Sri Lanka with a rich historic heritage
51 photos of Kandy, a former royal capital and spiritual centre in Sri Lanka
Diyarbakir photo gallery  - 64 pictures of Diyarbakir
Ephesus photo gallery  - 46 pictures of Ephesus
64 photos of Diyarbakir, a historic city in Mesopotamia on the Tigris river
46 photos of Ephesus, the most significant Greco-Roman site in western Turkey
Pamukkale photo gallery  - 28 pictures of Pamukkale
Graz photo gallery  - 67 pictures of Graz
Geirangerfjord photo gallery  - 32 pictures of Geirangerfjord
28 photos of Pamukkale-Hierapolis, a combined natural and archaeological site in western Turkey
67 photos of Graz, the capital of Styria and Austria's second largest city
32 photos of Geirangerfjord, a scenic fjord in southern Norway
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