Todra gorge photo gallery  - 25 pictures of Todra gorge
Pamukkale photo gallery  - 28 pictures of Pamukkale
Mageroya island photo gallery  - 32 pictures of Mageroya island
25 photos of the spectacular Todra gorge in southern Morocco
28 photos of Pamukkale-Hierapolis, a combined natural and archaeological site in western Turkey
32 photos of Magerøya island, in northern Norway
Svartisen glacier photo gallery  - 72 pictures of Svartisen glacier
Central Norway photo gallery  - 16 pictures of Central Norway
Around the Kehlsteinhaus photo gallery  - 44 pictures of Around the Kehlsteinhaus
72 photos of Svartisen, a large glacier in central Norway
16 photos of rural Norway, in the south of the Helgeland district
44 photos of the Kehlsteinhaus, one of the Führer headquarters located on a mountain in southern Bavaria
Ammersee lake photo gallery  - 57 pictures of Ammersee lake
Masurian lake district photo gallery  - 53 pictures of Masurian lake district
Bled photo gallery  - 31 pictures of Bled
57 photos of the Ammersee, a large lake 40km southwest of Munich
53 photos of the Masurian lake district, a region with over 2000 lakes in northeastern Poland
31 photos of Bled and its beautiful lake in the Julian alps of Slovenia
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