Historic centre photo gallery  - 16 pictures of Historic centre
Around Plaza de Espana photo gallery  - 25 pictures of Around Plaza de Espana
16 photos of the historic centre of Sevilla
25 photos of Plaza de Espana, a very photogenic square built in 1928 in Sevilla
Old town photo gallery  - 25 pictures of Old town
Alleys and shops photo gallery  - 12 pictures of Alleys and shops
Around Prager street photo gallery  - 11 pictures of Around Prager street
25 photos of the historic centre of Cordoba with its narrow and winding alleys
12 photos of the historic centre of Toledo with its maze of narrow alleys and beautiful squares
11 photos of Prager street, a pedestrian zone and main shopping area in Dresden
Old town square photo gallery  - 15 pictures of Old town square
Central area photo gallery  - 22 pictures of Central area
15 photos of the old town square, a long rectangular square in the centre of Krakow
22 photos of the area between presidential palace and the Khan Shatyr
Sanlitun photo gallery  - 19 pictures of Sanlitun
Wangfujing photo gallery  - 26 pictures of Wangfujing
Old town photo gallery  - 35 pictures of Old town
19 photos of Sanlitun, a modern and hip area of Beijing with many shops, restaurants and cool architecture
26 photos of Wangfujing, a shopping area in central Beijing with souvenir shops and malls
35 photos of the historic core of Riga, a UNESCO World Heritage site
Sopron photo gallery  - 30 pictures of Sopron
Marienplatz photo gallery  - 9 pictures of Marienplatz
Long market and Dluga photo gallery  - 39 pictures of Long market and Dluga
30 photos of Sopron, a Hungarian city at the border to Austria with an Austrian heritage
9 photos of the Marienplatz square, the centre of downtown Munich
39 photos of the Long Market and Dluga pedestrian areas
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