Carlton gardens photo gallery  - 14 pictures of Carlton gardens
Around the Yarra river photo gallery  - 11 pictures of Around the Yarra river
Royal botanic gardens photo gallery  - 10 pictures of Royal botanic gardens
Hyde park and around photo gallery  - 19 pictures of Hyde park and around
14 photos of the Carlton gardens, a pleasant park northeast of the central business district
11 photos of the area around the Yarra river, with elegant waterfronts and an amazing skyline
10 photos of the royal botanic gardens in Sydney, containing a large number of plant and tree species
19 photos of Hyde park, a large park in Sydney
Belvedere Castle photo gallery  - 6 pictures of Belvedere Castle
Schoenbrunn Castle photo gallery  - 21 pictures of Schoenbrunn Castle
Royal palace photo gallery  - 13 pictures of Royal palace
6 photos of Belvedere Palace in Vienna, which was built between 1697 and 1721.
21 photos of Schoenbrunn castle in Vienna, which was built between 17th and 19th centuries.
13 photos of the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, built in the 19th century to serve as the residence of the Cambodian kings
Silver pagoda photo gallery  - 14 pictures of Silver pagoda
Siem Reap photo gallery  - 24 pictures of Siem Reap
Tiananmen square park photo gallery  - 12 pictures of Tiananmen square park
Temple of Heaven photo gallery  - 19 pictures of Temple of Heaven
14 photos of the Silver pagoda, a large, richly decorated Buddhist temple, located next to the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh
24 photos of the city of Siem Reap in northwestern Cambodia, the major access point to the temples of Angkor
12 photos of the new park between the Tiananmen square and the Forbidden city
19 photos of the Temple of Heaven, a huge 267 hectare park with several ancient buildings.
Shamian Dao island photo gallery  - 9 pictures of Shamian Dao island
Hong Kong Park photo gallery  - 8 pictures of Hong Kong Park
East of the old town photo gallery  - 20 pictures of East of the old town
Yu Yuan Gardens photo gallery  - 24 pictures of Yu Yuan Gardens
Renmin Gongyuan park photo gallery  - 8 pictures of Renmin Gongyuan park
9 photos of Shamian Dao, an island on the Pearl river in Guangzhou, also known as Sand Surface island.
8 photos of the park to the east adiacent to the business district in Hong Kong.
20 photos of historic sites in the eastern part of the Macau peninsula, including the Guia fortress, the Lou Lim Loc gardens and St Michael's
24 photos of the Yuyuan Gardens in the old town, built between 1559 and 1577.
8 photos of the Renmin Gongyuan park, a large green area in Urumqi
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