Academy of Fine Arts photo gallery  - 9 pictures of Academy of Fine Arts
Shapouri pavilion photo gallery  - 6 pictures of Shapouri pavilion
Colonial district photo gallery  - 21 pictures of Colonial district
9 photos of the Dresden academy of fine arts along the Elbe river
6 photos of the Shapouri pavilion, a monumental villa in central Shiraz
21 photos of the colonial district in Tianjin
Trieste photo gallery  - 69 pictures of Trieste
Central Baku photo gallery  - 38 pictures of Central Baku
New town photo gallery  - 27 pictures of New town
Neoclassical architecture photo gallery  - 28 pictures of Neoclassical architecture
69 photos of Trieste, a city in northeastern Italy with a long and rich history
38 photos of central Baku, with elegant buildings, shops and restaurants
27 photos of a relatively modern part of Tbilisi, located north and east of the historic core
28 photos of Habsburg era buildings in Neoclassical style in Zagreb
Historic core photo gallery  - 23 pictures of Historic core
23 photos of the area southeast of the citadel, comtaining a pedestrian area and neoclassical architecture
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