Maderi photo gallery  - 9 pictures of Maderi
Other villages photo gallery  - 22 pictures of Other villages
Praijing photo gallery  - 14 pictures of Praijing
9 photos of the small village of Maderi, in the hills of northwestern Sumba
22 photos of the Prainggoli, Wuntalaka, Tarung and Manuakalada villages in Sumba
14 photos of Praijing, a traditional Sumbanese villages in the hills near Waikabukak
Ratenggaro photo gallery  - 26 pictures of Ratenggaro
Waigalli photo gallery  - 10 pictures of Waigalli
Bela photo gallery  - 11 pictures of Bela
26 photos of Ratenggaro, the most scenic village on Sumba island
10 photos of Waigalli, a small traditional village built on a hiltop along the southern coast
11 photos of Bela, a a traditional Ngada village located in the mountains near Bajawa
Bena photo gallery  - 18 pictures of Bena
Luba photo gallery  - 13 pictures of Luba
18 photos of Bena, the largest and best preserved of the traditional Ngada villages in the Bajawa region
13 photos of Luba, another traditional Ngada village in the Bajawa area
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