Temples of Angkor photo gallery  - 250 pictures of Temples of Angkor
Pushkar photo gallery  - 20 pictures of Pushkar
Pura Taman Ayun temple photo gallery  - 14 pictures of Pura Taman Ayun temple
Um Muang Khmer site photo gallery  - 15 pictures of Um Muang Khmer site
250 photos of the temples of Angkor in Cambodia, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1992
20 photos of Pushkar, a major Hindu pilgrimage centre
14 photos of a thanksgiving ceremony in the Pura Taman Ayun temple in Desa Mengwi
15 photos of the Um Muang Khmer temple ruin, which dates back to the 9th century
Wat Phu in Champasak photo gallery  - 41 pictures of Wat Phu in Champasak
Batu caves photo gallery  - 33 pictures of Batu caves
Sri Subramanian Hindu temple photo gallery  - 17 pictures of Sri Subramanian Hindu temple
Sri Maha Mariamman Dhevasthanam Hindu temple photo gallery  - 24 pictures of Sri Maha Mariamman Dhevasthanam Hindu temple
Bhaktapur  photo gallery  - 31 pictures of Bhaktapur
Kathmandu  photo gallery  - 43 pictures of Kathmandu
41 photos of Wat Phu, a Khmer temple and UNESCO World Heritage Site
33 photos of the Batu caves near KL, a centre of Hindu worship
17 photos of the Sri Subramanian Hindu temple at the base of the Batu caves
24 photos of the Sri Maha Mariamman Dhevasthanam Hindu temple in Kuala Lumpur's Chinatown
31 photos of Bhaktapur, the most medieval of the three major cities in the Kathmandu valley
43 photos of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal
Patan  photo gallery  - 26 pictures of Patan
Groups B and C Champa ruins photo gallery  - 18 pictures of Groups B and C Champa ruins
Angkor Thom city photo gallery  - 68 pictures of Angkor Thom city
26 photos of Patan, the second largest town in the Kathmandu valley
18 photos of the groups B and C of the Cham ruins in My Son, Vietnam
68 photos of Angkor Thom, a fortified city of some 10 sq km in extent, including the Bayon, Baphuon and other temples
Roluos group photo gallery  - 15 pictures of Roluos group
Prambanan photo gallery  - 44 pictures of Prambanan
Temples photo gallery  - 14 pictures of Temples
Panoramas and views photo gallery  - 13 pictures of Panoramas and views
15 photos of the temples of the Roluos group including the Bakong and Lolei temples
44 photos of the Prambanan site in central Java, a major Hindu temple complex
14 photos of the Hindu temples in the central part of the Prambanan complex
13 panoramic and other views of the Prambanan complex
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