Shamian Dao island photo gallery  - 9 pictures of Shamian Dao island
Zhongshan square photo gallery  - 11 pictures of Zhongshan square
Coloane photo gallery  - 14 pictures of Coloane
East of the old town photo gallery  - 20 pictures of East of the old town
9 photos of Shamian Dao, an island on the Pearl river in Guangzhou, also known as Sand Surface island.
11 photos of the round Zhongshan square, a huge 22000 mē square surround by European-style architecture
14 photos of Coloane, the southernmost island of the Macau area, with nice beaches and the St Francis Javier chapel
20 photos of historic sites in the eastern part of the Macau peninsula, including the Guia fortress, the Lou Lim Loc gardens and St Michael's
Old town photo gallery  - 32 pictures of Old town
Taipa photo gallery  - 23 pictures of Taipa
Colonial architecture photo gallery  - 16 pictures of Colonial architecture
The Bund photo gallery  - 18 pictures of The Bund
32 photos of the historic centre of Macau, with many interesting colonial era buildings and sites
23 photos of Taipa, a former island south of Macau, with charming neighbourhoods and a rich cultural heritage
16 photos of many colonial era buildings in Qingdao, most of them built by the Germans
18 photos of the historical Bund area, along the Shanghai river.
Chinatown photo gallery  - 16 pictures of Chinatown
Yangon photo gallery  - 16 pictures of Yangon
Modern town photo gallery  - 12 pictures of Modern town
Around the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum photo gallery  - 21 pictures of Around the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum
Old city and 36 streets photo gallery  - 27 pictures of Old city and 36 streets
16 photos of the Chinatown in KL around Petaling street
16 photos of downtown Yangon, including colonial era buildings, the river and a shopping complex
12 photos of the modern area of Damascus
21 photos of the area around the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, an area with many colonial era buildings
27 photos of the old city area north of Hoan Kiem lake with its rich cultural heritage
South of Hoan Kiem lake photo gallery  - 16 pictures of South of Hoan Kiem lake
West of Hoan Kiem lake photo gallery  - 17 pictures of West of Hoan Kiem lake
Colonial centre photo gallery  - 34 pictures of Colonial centre
Qingdao photo gallery  - 57 pictures of Qingdao
16 photos of the area south of Hoam Kiem lake with the Hoa Lo prison, the French colonial era opera house and a number of more modern buildings
17 photos of the area west of Hoan Kiem lake, with tree lined boulevards and colonial era buildings
34 photos of the colonial centre of Saigon, which consists of several French colonial era buildings built in the second half of the 19th century
57 photos of Qingdao, a beach resort in China and former German colony with a significant architectural heritage
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