Old town photo gallery  - 35 pictures of Old town
Old town photo gallery  - 22 pictures of Old town
North Nicosia photo gallery  - 41 pictures of North Nicosia
Central Baku photo gallery  - 38 pictures of Central Baku
35 photos of the historic core of Dubrovnik, which is surrounded by the city walls
22 photos of the beautiful historic core of Tallinn, with cobblestone streets and ancient buildings
41 photos of the northern part of Nicosia, the capital of northern Cyprus
38 photos of central Baku, with elegant buildings, shops and restaurants
The city photo gallery  - 33 pictures of The city
Tripoli photo gallery  - 41 pictures of Tripoli
33 photos of the historic core of Pula
41 photos of Tripoli, a city in Lebanon with impressive Mamluk architecture
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