Melbourne photo gallery  - 92 pictures of Melbourne
Sydney photo gallery  - 165 pictures of Sydney
Innsbruck photo gallery  - 11 pictures of Innsbruck
92 photos of Melbourne, the capital of the Australian state of Victoria
165 photos of Sydney, Australia's largest city and capital of New South Wales
11 photos of Innsbruck, the capital of the state of Tirol (also spelled Tyrol)
Salzburg photo gallery  - 28 pictures of Salzburg
Vienna photo gallery  - 107 pictures of Vienna
Brunei photo gallery  - 115 pictures of Brunei
28 photos of Salzburg, one of the major tourist attractions in Austria.
107 photos of Vienna, the capital of Austria, with churches, museums, the downtown area and the Schoenbrunn castle
115 photos of the dynamic sultanate of Brunei on Borneo's island northern coast
Phnom Penh photo gallery  - 93 pictures of Phnom Penh
Siem Reap photo gallery  - 24 pictures of Siem Reap
93 photos of Phnom Penh, the beautiful capital of Cambodia
24 photos of the city of Siem Reap in northwestern Cambodia, the major access point to the temples of Angkor
Beijing photo gallery  - 558 pictures of Beijing
Chongqing photo gallery  - 65 pictures of Chongqing
Dunhuang photo gallery  - 71 pictures of Dunhuang
Guangzhou photo gallery  - 67 pictures of Guangzhou
558 photos of Beijing, the capital of the People's republic of China and of the Great Wall. Gallery updated in Oct. 2008 with 62 new photos.
65 photos of Chongqing, the largest of China's four provincial-level municipalities and the starting point for cruises along the Yangtze river to the Three Gorges area
71 photos of Dunhuang, a clean oasis city in the Gobi desert
67 photos of Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province in southern China
Shenzhen photo gallery  - 142 pictures of Shenzhen
Guilin photo gallery  - 13 pictures of Guilin
Yangshuo photo gallery  - 15 pictures of Yangshuo
142 photos of the boom town of Shenzhen in Guangdong province in southern China
13 photos of Guilin, a very old town, dating back to 314 BC, famous for the karst scenery around it.
15 photos of the city of Yangshuo, a major backpacker tourist centre in Southern China.
Hong Kong photo gallery  - 100 pictures of Hong Kong
Yichang photo gallery  - 9 pictures of Yichang
100 photos of Hong Kong, a former British colony in southern China and a major commercial centre
9 photos of the city of Yichang in southern China, the main gateway to the Three Gorges dam
Changsha photo gallery  - 11 pictures of Changsha
Dalian photo gallery  - 53 pictures of Dalian
Macau photo gallery  - 162 pictures of Macau
Xian photo gallery  - 71 pictures of Xian
11 photos of Changsha, a major city in southern China's Hunan province
53 photos of the Chinese city of Dalian with its Russian and Japanese architectural heritage
162 photos of Macau, a former Portuguese colony in southern China with a rich cultural heritage
71 photos of Xian the capital of the Chinese Shaanxi province
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