Sydney by night photo gallery  - 20 pictures of Sydney by night
Vltava River and Bridges photo gallery  - 19 pictures of Vltava River and Bridges
20 photos of Sydney at night
19 photos of the Vltava river, the river which crosses Prague.
Around the Champs Elysees photo gallery  - 18 pictures of Around the Champs Elysees
Seine river banks photo gallery  - 13 pictures of Seine river banks
18 photos of the Grand Palais, the Petit Palais and the Alexandre III monumental bridge
13 photos of the Seine river in Paris and of its banks, with bridges, historical buildings and monuments
Bay of Tokyo skylines photo gallery  - 9 pictures of Bay of Tokyo skylines
Amarapura photo gallery  - 19 pictures of Amarapura
Riverside photo gallery  - 16 pictures of Riverside
9 photos of the skyline of the bay of Tokyo and Tokyo itself
19 photos of the U Bein Bridge and the Shwekyet Kya pagoda in Amarapura
16 photos of Brisbane's waterfront along the Brisbane river
Khaju bridge photo gallery  - 9 pictures of Khaju bridge
Si-o-seh Pol bridge photo gallery  - 9 pictures of Si-o-seh Pol bridge
9 photos of the Khaju bridge, one of the masterpieces of Isfahani renessaince architecture
9 photos of Si-o-seh Pol (33 arches) bridge, a masterpiece of Safavid architecture
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