The Perfume pagoda (Chua Huong Tich in Vietnamese) lies 60km southwest of Hanoi. It is dedicated to Quan Am, the guardian spirit of mother and child, to whom childless couples pray. The pagoda is one of the many shrines built in the area in limestone caves, and is regarded as one of the most beautiful spots in Vietnam. It is a popular pilgrimage spot, particularly during March and April. The Perfume pagoda can be accessed by boat through the Yen river, followed by a climb along the mountains or a cable car trip.

01 Overloaded bicycle 02 Soy bean hulls 03 Soy bean hulls 04 Soy bean hulls 05 Conical hats
06 Women wearing conical hats 07 Metal boats on Yen river 08 Metal boat with tourists 09 Riverbank and hills 10 Riverbank and trees
11 Woman fishing with net in Yen river 12 Trees 13 Metal boat and fisherman 14 Metal boat and fisherman 15 Yen river
16 Yen river 17 Metal boat carrying wood 18 Metal boat carrying wood 19 Metal boat production 20 Metal boat production
01 Main gate 02 Main gate 03 Main gate 04 Pagoda 05 Main temple 06 Golden decorations and colourful flag
07 Golden decorations and colourful flag 08 Altar 09 Altar with gods statues 10 Temple interior with drum 11 Statue of goddess 12 Main temple building
13 Workers repairing path 14 Workers repairing path 01 Huong Tich mountains 02 Huong Tich mountains cable car 03 Staircase to cave
04 Conical stalagmite 05 Temple bell 06 Cave with shrine 07 Main altar 08 Altars 09 Statues
10 Cave opening 11 Statues on altar 12 Vietnamese man in traditional costume
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