The boats to the Perfume pagoda on the Yen river arrive at a temple called Den Trinh (Shrine for First Presenting), where Vietnamese worshippers usually will burn the first joysticks, to inform the local deities about their arrival and to pray for good luck for the coming year. The temple is nice and worthwile spending some time. From the Den Trinh temple you either continue by foot along a path or take the cable car to the Perfume pagoda.

01 Main gate 02 Main gate 03 Main gate 04 Pagoda 05 Main temple 06 Golden decorations and colourful flag
07 Golden decorations and colourful flag 08 Altar 09 Altar with gods statues 10 Temple interior with drum 11 Statue of goddess 12 Main temple building
13 Workers repairing path 14 Workers repairing path
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