Northwest of the old city, in a more peaceful and laid back setting, are the West lake and Truc Bach lakes. In both lakes there are boats for rent. Near West lake is the beautiful Quan Tanh temple, originally built in the 11th century to honour Huyen Thien Tran, a genie. The temple features a richly decorated interior and decorated outer walls.

01 Main gate 02 Main gate bas-relief with tree 03 Entrance ticket counter 04 Inner court and temple 05 Inner court and temple
06 Flag on pole 07 Ornamental temple door 08 Door decoration 09 Temple interior with decorations 10 Temple interior
11 Richly decorated altar 12 Ornamental pillars 13 Ornamental pillars 14 Golden drawing on red pillar 15 Truc Bach lake and skyline
16 Truc Bach lake 17 Truc Bach lake 18 Swan boats on West  lake 19 Swan boats on West  lake
20 Swan boats on West  lake 21 Revolution memorial at Dong Xuan market 22 Dong Xuan market
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