Sharjah is the capital of the Sharjah emirate and lies immediately north of Dubai. As in Dubai, also in SHarjah the historic core is centered around a creek, a sea arm extending into the land. The area around Sharjah has been settled since at least 5000 years.
Sharjah is far less developed and modern than neighbouring Dubai. Efforts are currently undergoing to restore the cultural and historic heritage of Sharjah, which has suffered from poor city planning. The historic Al Hisn fort for instance is sandwiched between tall buildings, which make it look like a house for dwarves. The heritage area is not easy to find and is currently undergoing renovation. Tourist restaurants are hard to find in central Sharjah and tourist sights are not well marked. The city however has the potential to shine, if the needed infrastructure and heritage preservation steps are carried through.

01 Al Hisn fort 02 Al Hisn fort 03 Al Hisn fort tower 04 Creek boat 05 Al Maghfirah mosque
06 Creek boats 07 Boats along the creek 08 Sharjah court 09 Creek boat
10 Sharjah court 11 Sharjah creek 12 Twin minarets of Al Zahra mosque 13 Al Zahra mosque
14 Al Zahra mosque 15 Al Zahra mosque 16 Heritage area 17 Sharjah heritage museum 18 Sharjah heritage museum
19 Sharjah city wall 20 Tower of city wall 21 House ruins
22 Al Soor square 23 Blue souq 24 Blue souk
25 Blue souq 26 Al Ittihad square and Crystal Plaza 27 King Faisal mosque 28 Minaret of King Faisal mosque
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