Koh Kradan is a small island, 3.8km long from north to south and only a few hundred metres wide in some spots. It lies 15km off the coast of Trang and is part of the Hat Chao Mai national park. Koh Kradan has beautiful beaches and crystal clear water. A couple of basic resorts are available on the island and in 2008/09 a new, upmarket resort (The Sevenseas Resort) opened. Koh Kradan receives a number of daytrippers, coming from the nearby island of Koh Muk.

01 Bow of long tail boat 02 Beach with rocks 03 Beach with rocks 04 Long tail boat 05 Long tail boat and beach 06 Bow of long tail boat
07 Long tail boat 08 Beach 09 Beach 10 Beach 11 Beach
12 Beach with rocks 13 Beach with rocks 14 Beach with rocks 15 Beach 16 Beach
17 Beach 18 Rocky bay 19 Rocky bay 20 Bay 21 Long tail boat
22 Long tail boat and beach 23 Beach 24 Beach with rocks 25 Long tail boat 26 Shallow seawater
27 Shallow seawater 28 Beach 29 Beach 30 Beach 31 Rocks on the beach
32 Rocks on the beach 33 Rocks on the beach 34 Rocks on the beach 35 Rocks on the beach
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