Chaweng, a 7km long stretch of coral white sand on the east coast of the island, is Koh Samui's best and biggest beach. Despite the large number of beach resorts and hotels present there the sea water is crystal clear. This is a popular beach attracting a large number of tourists in the peak season.

01 Coconut palm fringed beach 02 Beach and tourist 03 Beach and sea water 04 Jetskis on the beach 05 Coconut palm fringed beach
06 Beach resort 07 Sea and tourists 08 Coconut palm fringed beach 09 Jetski on the beach 10 Jetskis on the beach
11 Beach and sea water 12 Beach and sea water 13 Panorama view 14 Beach and sea water 15 Beach and sea 16 Jetski on the beach
17 Beach and sea water 18 Trees and beach 19 Trees and beach 20 Panorama view of beach and tourists 21 Beach and sea water
22 Panorama of beach and tourists 23 Mobile food stall with grilled chicken 24 Fruit seller 25 Charlies huts in 1999 26 Frog
27 Hairdresser 28 Sailboats on beach 29 Coconut trees on beach 30 Red jetski on beach 31 Tourists sunbathing on beach
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