Spread all over Taipei there a several open air night markets which sell food, local dishes and handicrafts and other inexpensive items from stalls along the street. The Linjiang night market lies in Xinyi, while the more famous Shilin night market lies to the north of Taipei. As every east Asian metropolis also Taipei has its fair share of malls, shopping complexes and department stores.

01 Linjiang night market 02 Linjiang night market 03 Linjiang night market 04 Linjiang night market 05 Linjiang night market
06 Bosch clothes in department store 07 Sogo shopping mall interior 08 Pancake cake 09 Plastics reproductions of dishes 10 Teppanyaki cook
11 Cow cake 12 Taimall mall gaming centre 13 Taimall mall gaming centre 14 Taimall mall gaming centre 15 Shilin night market15 16 Shilin night market16
17 Shilin night market17
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