With a population of 2.7 million inhabitants Taichung (台中市 / Táizhōng Shì in Chinese) is the third largest city in Taiwan. It is located in the west of Taiwan, about 150km southwest of Taipei, 10km from the sea. Taichung is a relatively modern city with few old buildings. During the Japanese period it was the centre of light industry. From a tourist perspective there is not much to see and do in Taichung. The night market is a popular area where to stroll in the evenings and eat and shop. Taichung has a high speed rail (HSR) station with connections to Taipei and Kaohsiung.

01 Night market 02 Watermelon juice bar 03 Fried squid stall 04 Fried squid 05 Pork knuckles 06 Fashion boutique
07 Blonde Chinese girls 08 Noodle soup stall 09 Tiger City shopping mall 10 Taichung international convention centre
11 World trade centre 12 World trade centre 13 Tunghai university
14 National Taichung theater 15 National Taichung theater 16 National Taichung theater 17 Colourful elephant
18 Elephant parade 19 Pastry shop 20 Pastries 21 Pastries 22 Food court in TopCity mall
23 Taxis in the rain 24 Restaurant tables 25 Street at night 26 Pavement 27 Dinner
28 HSR station 29 TopCity mall 30 Huizhong road 31 Herm�s
32 TopCity mall 33 Top City mall 34 Bulgari 35 TopCity shopping mall 36 Taiwan boulevard
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