Kaohsiung is mostly a modern city, with modern buildings and skyscrapers everywhere. The city is quite clean and has an efficient public transportation system. The Dome of Light is large, 30 metres wide, glass work located in the Formosa metro station. The Dream Mall in the south of Kaohsiung is the largest mall of east Asia. On its roof there is a fun fair with a giant panoramic whel. At the time of visiting a folk festival with artists wearing tribal costumes took place.

01 Zuoying underground station 02 Zuoying underground station 03 Zuoying underground station 04 People queueing up in underground station 05 Dome of light
06 Dome of light 07 Dome of light 08 Dome of light 09 Xinyuejiang shopping area 10 Talee department store
11 Star Place building 12 Folk festival performers 13 Dream Mall 14 Female folk festival performer 15 Folk festival performers
16 Folk festival performers 17 Female folk festival performer 18 Female folk festival performer 19 Folk festival performers 20 Dream Mall
21 Dream Mall 22 Dream Mall square on a Saturday afternoon 23 Dream Mall 24 Dream Mall
25 Giant Ferris wheel on Dream Mall at dusk
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