The Alishan National Scenic Area (Chinese: 阿里山國家风景區, Ālǐshān guójiā fēngjǐng qū in pinyin) is a mountaineous region west of Chayi (Chinese: 嘉义, Jiāyì in pinyin), stretching over an altitude ranging between 300m and over 2600m and covering an area of 415 km². This region offers a wide range of climates, terrains and landscapes and is used for cultivation of wasabi, plums and high-mountain oolong tea. In the Alishan area there are extensive cypress forests, which grow in the misty mountains. A highlight is the Alishan forest railway, which used to connect the city of Chayi with the Alishan mountain station on an 86km long narrow gauge (762mm) track. Due to a landslide the track is now interrupted and is only available on a short section. The Alishan area attracts a large number of tourists every year, who come here for the beautiful scenery, the fresh climate and the sunrise views.

Tea plantations photo gallery  - 27 pictures of Tea plantations
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Fenqihu photo gallery  - 13 pictures of Fenqihu
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27 photos of Oolong mountain tea plantations in Alishan
19 photos of landscapes and sceneries in the Alishan scenic area
13 photos of Fenqihu, a small and picturesque village along the Alishan forest railway
9 photos of the Longyin temple in Chukou
19 photos of the Alishan summit area, with the Alishan forest train and the Zhushan station
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