Toledo is a small city located in central Spain on the banks of the Tajo river, about 70km south of Madrid. The historical centre of Toledo lies on a hilltop and is surrounded by a ring of walls. It contains many historical sites, including the Alcazar, the cathedral the Zocodover square and others. Toledo has been settled since the bronze age and was a main commercial and administrative centre in the Roman empire. It became the capital of the Visigothic kingdom and later the capital of Spain until the Moorish conquest in the 8th century. Toledo passed to the new Spanish kingdom in 1085 when it was conquered by Alfonso VI of Castile. The historic centre of Toledo consists of a maze of narrow alleys and beautiful squares and buildings. Toledo has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986.

01 Puerta de Bisagra gate 02 Puerta de Bisagra gate 03 Puerta de Bisagra gate 04 Puerta de Bisagra gate 05 Iglesia Santiago del Arrabal church
06 Iglesia Santiago del Arrabal church 07 Iglesia Santiago del Arrabal church 08 Real del Arrabal street 09 Real del Arrabal street 10 Real del Arrabal street 11 Real del Arrabal street 12 Valmardon gate
13 Valmardon gate 14 Valmardon gate 01 Zocodover square and Alcazar 02 Zocodover square and Alcazar 03 Colourful flags on Zocodover square building 04 Zocodover square
05 Zocodover square 06 Colourful flags on Zocodover square building 07 Alcazar fortress 08 Alcazar fortress rampart 09 Alcazar fortress 10 Alcazar fortress
11 Alcazar facade with flags 12 Colourful flags on Zocodover square building 13 Colourful flags on Zocodover square building 14 Colourful flags on Zocodover square building 15 Museo de Santa Cruz 01 Dome and Puerta del reloj gate
02 Puerta del reloj gate 03 Nave 04 Cathedral interior 05 Cathedral interior 06 Cathedral interior 07 Bell tower
08 West facade 09 Main west facade 10 Dome 11 Alley to the cathedral 12 Bell tower
01 Cake shop window 02 Narrow alley 03 Souvenir shop 04 Souvenir shop window 05 Street with shops 06 Souvenir shop
07 Square 08 La Campana Gorda restaurant 09 Flags hanging over alley 10 Perfume shop 11 Handicraft shop 12 Plaza de San Agustin
01 Skyline of Toledo 02 Skyline of Toledo 03 Academia de Infanteria military school
04 Tajo river 05 Hospital de Tavera and church 06 Panoramic view of Toledo
07 Panoramic view of Toledo
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