Port Vell (the old harbour) was restaurated for the 1992 Olympic games. In the process several tourist attractions were added to it, including the MaremÓgnum (a mall with shops, a multiplex cinema, bars and restaurants), IMAX Port Vell and Europe's largest aquarium. The Rambla de Mar bridge connects the La Rambla street to Port Vell. The harbour of Barcelona is a major harbour in the mediterranean area. It lies to the west of Barcelona.

01 Barcelona harbour 02 Barcelona harbour 03 Barcelona harbour 04 Barcelona harbour
05 Costa Concordia cuise ship 06 Barcelona harbour 07 Barcelona harbour 08 Port Vell
09 W Barcelona hotel 10 Barcelona harbour 11 Rambla del Mar walkway 12 Rambla del Mar walkway
13 Port Vell at dusk 14 Maremagnum shopping mall 15 Placa de l'Odisea square 16 Maremagnum cinema
17 Street hawker 18 Trampolines 19 Trampolines 20 Rambla del Mar walkway at night 21 Rambla del Mar walkway at night
22 Port Vell at night
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