Ljubljana is the capital and largest city of Slovenia. It is located in the centre of Slovenia and has a population of 279000 inhabitants. The area around Ljubljana has been settled at least since 2000 BC. Ljubljana acquired the town privileges at some time between 1220 and 1243 and later became part of the Habsburg empire. Nowadays Ljubljana is a small, but picturesque town located on the Ljubljanica river, below the castle of Ljubljana. The historic centre is in a very good state, having in recent years been renovated.

01 Bus 02 Post office 03 Preseren square 04 Preseren square 05 Preseren square
06 Triple bridge 07 Triple bridge 08 Triple bridge 09 Franciscan Church of the Annunciation 10 Town square
11 Neoclassical facade 12 City hall 13 Town square 14 Robba fountain in town square 15 St Nicholas church
16 Castle 17 On the ramparts 18 On the ramparts 19 Ljubljana view from ramparts
20 Ljubljana skyline 21 Ljubljana skyline 22 Castle courtyard
23 Clock tower 24 Tower with city flag 25 Castle courtyard 26 Castle cafe
27 Cafe and walls 28 Castle gate 29 Ljubljana castle 30 Castle park 31 Castle park
32 Ljubljana cathedral 33 Statue of Vodnik 34 Flower market 35 Along the river 36 Ljubljanica river
37 Cafe along river 38 Grand Hotel Union
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