The Old Town of Warsaw (Stare Miasto) is one of the most scenic and touristic parts of the city, comprising the royal castle and the area around it. It dates back to the 13th century, when construction began around the royal castle, back then the residence of the Masovian dukes. The old town was entirely destroyed during WW II and completely rebuilt after then. It is a UNESCO world heritage site.

01 Castle and square 02 Castle and square 03 Clock tower 04 Castle and square 05 Clock tower
06 Cars and castle 07 Royal castle 08 Royal castle 09 Castle and square
10 Castle and square 11 Castle and square 12 Clock tower at night 13 Clock tower at night 14 Castle night view
01 King Sigismund column 02 King Sigismund column 03 Old buildings on castle square 04 Old buildings on castle square 05 Nuns on castle square
06 Old buildings on castle square 07 Castle square view and people 08 Couple kissing on castle square 09 Simonetti house corner 10 Old town square - Barss side
11 Mermaid statue 12 Old town square - Barss side 13 Old town square 14 Old town square 15 Old town square - Zakrzewski side
16 Old town square 17 Old town alley 18 Souvenir shop and postcards 19 Roof with windows 20 Green house 21 City walls
22 Old town square at night - Dekert side 23 Old town square at night - Zakrzewski side 24 Old town square at night - Barss side 01 St John cathedral and Jesuit church
02 St John cathedral 03 St John cathedral roof 04 St John cathedral facade detail 05 Jesuit church 06 Jesuit church 07 Jesuit church
08 St Anne church 09 St Anne church 10 St Anne church tower 11 St Anne church 12 St Anne church at night
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