Poland has always been known for its tolerance in religious matters, which is reflected by the multitude of beautiful places of worship in Warsaw. Many of these churches were damaged during World War II, but some were left unscathed. Others were rebuilt after the war. This gallery contains photos of the St. Barbara's, St. Mary Ascension, Holy cross, St. Joseph, Protestant, Our Lady Queen of Poland, St. Alexander, Saviour, St. Mary Magdalene's Russian Orthodox churches and of St. Florian's cathedral.

01 St Barbara church 02 Cupola of St Barbara church 03 St Mary Ascension church 04 Holy cross church 05 Protestant church 06 Our Lady Queen of Poland cathedral
07 Our Lady Queen of Poland cathedral 08 Our Lady Queen of Poland cathedral 09 St Alexander church 10 St Alexander church 11 Saviour church at night 12 Saviour church at night
13 St Mary Ascension church at night 14 St Mary Ascension church at night 15 Cardinal Wyszynski statue and Wizytki church at night 16 Wizytki church at night 17 Holy cross church at night 01 Front view
02 Church roof and spires 03 Front view and believers 04 Church roof and spires 05 Side view and trees 06 Side view and trees 07 Side view and trees
08 Interior with golden altar 09 Interior with golden altar 10 Pillars and golden images 11 Interior and people 12 Column and golden images 13 Cupola
14 Golden images 15 Golden altar 01 Front view with towers 02 Front view with towers 03 Side view 04 Towers
05 Main entrance 06 Church interior 07 Church interior 08 Stained glass window 09 Stained glass window 10 Church interior
11 Church interior 12 Stained glass window 13 Stained glass windows
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