Bohol is a large island of 4821 kmĀ² near Cebu. It's mostly known for the Chocolate Hills limestone rock formations, a series of round haycock hills, with a mound like shape, of which there are over 1200 on the island. Other highlights of the island are its native population of the Philippine tarsier, a rare primate of the approximately 45-million-year-old Tarsiidae family. Tourists also come for diving on Panglao island, one of the best diving spots in the Philippines. There are ferries connecting Bohol with Cebu and an airport with daily flights to Manila. Tagbilaran is the capital of Bohol.

01 Ferry Cebu-Bohol 02 Bohol island 03 Bohol island
04 Harbour building 05 Pier 06 Church destroyed by earthquake 07 Building damaged by earthquake 08 Rice paddy
09 Chocolate hills 10 Chocolate hills
11 Scenery with rainforest 12 Chocolate hills 13 Landscape with chocolate hills
14 Rice paddies 15 Black butterfly 16 Butterfly 17 Red flowers
18 Red wax flower 19 Man-made forest 20 Man-made forest 21 Man-made forest 22 Man-made forest 23 Tarsier
24 Tarsier 25 Tarsier 26 Tarsier 27 Tarsier 28 Orange python 29 Tagbilaran shopping mall
30 Tagbilaran shopping mall
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