With its pictoresque bay and beaufitul corniche the neighbourhood of Muttrah (also known as Mutrah or Matrah) is one of the touristic highlights of Muscat. Unlike most other parts of Muscat which have undergone a rapid modernisation phase, Muttrah has preserved some of its historic core and has the flair of an old Arabian port city. The souq of Muttrah is a traditional bazaar selling spices, incense and local handicrafts.

01 Muttrah mosque minaret 02 Tower 03 Waterfront 04 Waterfront 05 Muttrah corniche
06 Muttrah corniche 07 Muttrah bay 08 Restaurant tables and tourists on bicycles 09 Waterfront
10 Waterfront 11 Carpet shop 12 White houses along promenade 13 Waterfront 14 Waterfront corniche
15 Lamposts on Muttrah corniche 16 Date palm 17 Mutrah souq 18 Incense bags 19 Incense burner 20 Muttrah mosque minaret
21 Hills and fort 22 Gazebo 23 Golden dome of gazebo 24 Mutrah fort 25 Harbour
26 Waterfront 27 Incense burner monument 28 Aidadiva cruise ship 29 Al Said yacht
30 Mutrah bay at night 31 Muttrah fort at night 32 Mutrah bay and corniche at night
33 Mutrah mosque and waterfront at night 34 Mutrah mosque and waterfront at night
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