This gallery contains photos of a marriage in Bhaktapur, of children in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Chitwan and some images of what Kathmandu looks like at night. In picture 2 a fire of plastic is burning - you'll understand why the air in Kathmandu is so polluted. %Rice is apparently a major crop in Nepal and is cultivated in rice terraces (see the rice terrace pictures). You'll also find some sunrise pictures taken in Nagarkot.

01 Kathmandu at night
02 Kathmandu at night
03 Nepali girl in Kathmandu
04 Buddhist monks in Kathmandu
05 Nepali dancers
06 Women washing clothes in Bhaktapur
07 Marriage in Bhaktapur
08 Marriage in Bhaktapur
09 Bhaktapur children
10 Bhaktapur children
11 Fields along the road Kathmandu-Nagarkot
12 Rice terraces along the road Kathmandu-Nagarkot
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