Patan is separated from Kathmandu only by the Bagmati River and is the second largest town in the valley. It is also known as Lalitpur, which means city of beauty. The pictures you see here are of the main attractions of Patan: the old town, the temples and Durbar square.

01 Bronze lion statue 02 Yoganarenda Malla Statue 03 Yoganarenda Malla Statue 04 Durbar square 05 Krishna Mandi temple 06 Durbar square with temples
07 Durbar square 08 Durbar square 09 Durbar square 11 Patan 12 Bell 13 Wood statue in Rato Machendranath temple
14 Door with wood carvings 15 Wooden windows 16 Durbar square 17 Durbar square 18 Durbar square
19 Mahabouddha buddhist temple 20 Patan 21 Patan 22 Kumbeshwar temple 23 Patan 24 Patan
25 Patan 26 Patan 27 Patan
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