A selection of pictures of Bago, a town in lower Myanmar about one hour by car from Yangon. Bago was originally founded in 573 AD as a Mon outpost. Its golden age came between 1385 and 1635, when it was the capital of the Mon kingdom of lower Myanmar. Bago's main attraction is the huge Shwethalyaung reclining Buddha as well as its beautiful pagodas.

01 Taukkyan war cemetery 02 Kyaikpun pagoda 03 Kyaikpun pagoda 04 Kyaikpun pagoda 05 Kyaikpun pagoda
06 Mahazedi pagoda 07 Mahazedi pagoda 08 Mahazedi pagoda 09 Mahazedi pagoda 10 Shwethalyuang reclining Buddha statue 11 Cheroots
12 Cheroot manufacture 13 Shwemawdaw pagoda 14 Shwemawdaw pagoda 15 Bell 16 Shwemawdaw pagoda 17 Shwemawdaw pagoda
18 Burmese style temple in Shwemawdaw pagoda 19 Burmese style temple in Shwemawdaw pagoda 20 Shwemawdaw pagoda 21 Shwemawdaw pagoda 22 Shwemawdaw pagoda
23 Shwemawdaw pagoda 24 Hin Thar Kone Pagoda 25 Buddha statues 26 Buddha statues 27 Other pagoda
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