Some photos of the ancient Roman ruins in Volubilis in northern Morocco, including the basilica, the triumphal arch built in honour of the emperor Caracalla in 217 A.D, some Roman temples and several houses. The ruins were damaged by earthquakes in the 4th and 18th century, while in the 18th century part of the marble was taken for constructions in nearby Meknes.

01 Panorama view 02 Goose 03 Trees and ruins 04 Panorama view of ruins 05 Column detail
06 Columns 07 Panorama view of ruins 08 Panorama view of ruins 09 Panorama view of ruins
10 Columns in the Capitol 11 Stork nest on column 12 Capitol 13 Basilica wall with arches 14 Basilica wall with arches
15 Inside the basilica 16 Basilica ruins 17 Triumphal arch 18 Roman inscriptions on triumphal arch 19 Triumphal arch and basilica
20 Column 21 House of columns in Decumanus Maximus
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