The necropolis of Chellah, Chella or Sala Colonia is a necropolis and complex of ancient and medieval ruins which lie at the outskirts of Rabat. On this site the ancient Romans set up the outpost of Sala Colonia, which became a thriving city with several monuments. In the 13th century the Merinid sultan Abu al Hassan built a necropolis on top of the Roman site and surrounded it with defensive walls. Many of the structures in Chellah were damaged or destroyed in an 18th century earthquake.

01 Walls 02 Meadow, trees and ruins 03 Ruins on meadow 04 Ruins on meadow 05 Grass and red flowers
06 Ruins of craftsmen quarters 07 Ruins of craftsmen quarters 08 Lichens on stone 09 Ruins of craftsmen quarters
10 Ruins and walls 11 Column 12 Stork 13 Stork couple in nest 14 Stork couple in nest
15 Stork couple in nest 16 Minaret 17 Ruins of Madrasa Zauoia 18 Arch ruins of mosque 19 Arch ruins of mosque
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