Also known as Ben Youssef Medrassa or Bin Yousuf (Yusuf) Madrassa, the Ali ben Youssef medersa was a Koranic school named after the Almoravid sultan Ali ibn Yusuf. The school was founded during the Merinid period in the 14th century by the Merinid sultan Abu al-Hassan. It is the largest medersa in the whole fo Morocco and underwent a restoration in the late 1970s. This medersa is beautiful and has some stunning examples of stucco decorations.

01 Inner courtyard 02 Main entrance with decorations 03 Main gate with wood carvings and stone decorations 04 Stone decorations 05 Carved cedar wood roof
06 Carved cedar wood roof 07 Inside the mosque 08 Islamic patterns 09 Islamic patterns 10 Stone decorations and Arabic characters
11 Inner courtyard and windows 12 Inner courtyard with colonnade and windows 13 Window with stone decorations 14 Stone decorations 15 View from student cell window
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