Naadam is a traditional festival taking place in the summer months (July-August) in Mongolia. The festival consists of a number of competitions (archery, horse riding, wrestling), ceremonies and artistic performances. Naadam is believed to have existed for centuries in Mongolia. The event takes place in a compound about 30km northwest of Ulan Bator, reachable only by private transportation.

01 4WD car driving to Naadam 02 Parking 03 Hill 04 People walking to Naadam
05 Naadam area with parking and tents 06 Naadam compound 07 Camel
08 Stalls and booths 09 People and flags 10 Naadam arena
11 Man on a horse 12 Horse race 13 Horse race 14 Monks playing flutes 15 Monk in saffron robe
16 Performers in costumes 17 Archers 18 Archer 19 Archer 20 Women in traditional costume
21 Archers 22 Archers 23 Archer 24 Female archer 25 Female archer 26 Horse rider
27 Horse rider 28 Mongolian girl 29 Mongolian girl 30 Ovoo
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