Central Mongolia consists of a mostly high plains, with occasionally small hills and some mountains here and there. When the light is good, the scenery is amazing and very photogenic. The population density is very low and there is no agriculture due to the harsh climate. The few people who live in the open plains are nomads raising cattle and other animals. The road network is relatively thin.

01 Green hills 02 High plains 03 Paved road
04 Hills and clouds 05 Herd of goats 06 Paved road 07 Herd of goats
08 Plains 09 Meadow 10 Pasture lands 11 Dust storm 12 Dust storm
13 Yurts 14 Yurts 15 Black cows grazing
16 Khogno Khan plains 17 Ovoo cairn 18 Walking around the ovoo 19 Ovoo
20 Plains 21 High plains 22 Paved road
23 River valley near Kharkhorin 24 River valley near Kharkhorin
25 River valley near Kharkhorin 26 All-terrain vehicle 27 Herd of camels
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