The Khogno Khan mountain (also known as Khögnö Khan) is a rocky hill in the Khögnö Khan Uul nature reserve, about 200km west of Ulan Bator. This is an area with pretty sceneries, plains and steppe. Near the mountain there are some temples and a couple of tourist camps with yurts and places where to rent horses. To reach the Khogno Khan mountain an own transportation is necessary.

01 Dirt track to Khogno Khan 02 Khogno Khan 03 Buddhist temple
04 Buddhist temple interior 05 Altar 06 Column decoration 07 Ruins of Khogno Tarni monastery
08 Cars in tourist camp 09 Khogno Khan rocks 10 Dirt roads
11 Ger camp 12 Khogno Khan 13 LIchen 14 Panoramic view of Khogno Khan
15 Yurt camp 16 Mongolian yurt
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