Perak Tong is perhaps the most impressive of the cave temples around Ipoh. It contains a huge golden Buddha statue and a number of other statues, one of which is dedicated to Qianshou ("Thousand hands") Guanyin. The walls of the cave are richly decorated with wall frescoes and the cave itself has an interesting structure. Perak Tong was built in 1926 by a Buddhist priest from China.

01 Staircase and main entrance 02 Golden Buddha statue 03 Golden Buddha statue 04 Cave with mural paintings 05 Altar with statue of Guanyin goddess
06 Thousand hand Qianshou Guanyin 07 Thousand hand Qianshou Guanyin statue 08 Wall frescoes 09 Statues 10 Statues
11 Statues 12 Cave with mural paintings 13 Temple buildings outside the cave
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