Istana Sri Menanti is a royal palace located built in Minangkabau style 30km to the east of Seremban. It used to be the royal residence of the Minangkabau rulers. The Sri Menanti palace is built of hardwood timber extracted from the Negeri Sembilan forests without any nail or screw. It was built between 1902 and 1905. The palace is black and has some interesting richly decorated interior rooms. It is located near the town of Sri Menanti in Negeri Sembilan.

01 Sri Menanti palace 02 Central structure with roof 03 Sri Menanti palace 04 Sri Menanti palace 05 Central structure with roof
06 Central structure with roof 07 Central structure with roof 08 Sri Menanti palace 09 Side wing 10 Palace rear view
11 Sri Menanti palace 12 Main entrance 13 Wooden beam with carvings 14 Wooden beam with carvings 15 Wooden beam with carvings 16 Yellow room with carpets
17 Dining table 18 Dining table 19 Dining table 20 Furniture 21 Yellow room with carpets
22 Yellow room with carpets
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