Seremban is the capital of the Malaysian state of Negeri Sembilan. The city was founded in the 1870s, following the discovery of tin ore deposits in the area. The city experienced an influx of Chinese and Malay immigrants and quickly developed into a prospering mining and commercial centre. Nowadays Seremban is a medium-sized town. Istana Ampang Tinggi is a 19th century palace in Seremban with the structural layout of Minangkabau houses - the horn-shaped roofs.

01 Train station 02 Seremban Parade shopping complex 03 Street with cars 04 Istana Ampang Tinggi palace
05 Istana Ampang Tinggi palace 06 Traditional house 07 Rumah Negeri Sembilan 08 Rumah Negeri Sembilan 09 Rumah Negeri Sembilan carvings
10 Istana Ampang Tinggi palace 11 Istana Ampang Tinggi palace 12 Wesley christian church 13 Terminal 1 shopping centre
14 Street intersection 15 Al Noor Malay restaurant 16 Storefront 17 Dato Bandar Tunggal street 18 Pink colonial style building
19 Church of the Visitation 20 Pink colonial style building 21 Church of the Visitation 22 Church of the Visitation 23 Hindu temple
24 State mosque 25 State mosque interior 26 State mosque carpet 27 State mosque carpet 28 State mosque interior 29 State mosque interior
30 Lake gardens 31 Lake gardens 32 Orange flower
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