Melaka, also known as Malacca, is an interesting blend of Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch and British influences and is considered Malaysia's most historic city. It was once the most important trading port in the region but is now little more than a sleepy backwater. There are a few remnants of the Portuguese, Dutch and British colonial past, but on the streets it is the Chinese influence which is felt most.

01 Fountain
02 Stadthuys and clock tower
03 Trishaw
04 Dutch church
05 Dutch church interior
06 Dutch church
07 St Paul church clock tower
08 St Paul church
09 Nicolaus Baslij tombstone
10 View over Melaka
11 View over Melaka
12 Sultanate palace
13 A Famosa
14 A Famosa
15 A Famosa by night
16 Merdeka memorial
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