The Genting highlands are a hill station situated at 1700m above sea level in the Titiwangsa mountains, 51km northeast of KL. They are easily accessible from KL, either by road or road & cablecar (the Genting Skyway). In Genting there is a resort consisting of a number of hotels, a shopping mall, an indoor and an outdoor theme park and the only legal land-based casino in Malaysia. In 2006 the resort had over 18 million visitors. It is surrounded by a 100 million years old rainforest.
The Genting highlands do not offer much in terms of hiking trails and in fact it is not easy to leave the resort area. A visit to Genting usually consists of walking through the shopping mall, gambling in the casino or playing in the theme park. Due to the altitude the temperature hovers between 14C and 25C the whole year.

01 Genting Skyway cable car station
02 Genting Skyway cable car
03 Genting Skyway cable car
04 Hotel theme park
05 Parking and street in the mist
06 First world hotel
07 First world hotel
08 Hotels
09 Fun fair theme park
10 Inside the resort
11 Inside the resort
12 Indoor theme park
13 Chinese restaurant inside resort
14 Inside the resort
15 Shops and eateries inside the resort
16 Indoor theme park
17 Tropical rainforest near resort
18 Tropical rainforest
19 Tropical rainforest
20 Ferns
21 Fern
22 Pine tree foliage
23 Rainforest
24 Macaque monkey on pine tree
25 Macaque monkey
26 Macaque monkey on pine tree
27 Macaque monkey on pine tree
28 Macaque monkey on pine tree
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