The Cacao tree is a small tree in the family Sterculiaceae, which origininates from South America, but is now grown all over the world in tropical regions. The photos in this gallery show a cacao tree plantation in Malaysia's state of Perak. The fruits of the cacao tree, also called cocoa pods, are oval, 15-30cm long and 8-10cm wide. The pod contains 20 to 60 seeds, also called cocoa beans, embedded in a sweet, eatable white pulp. Each seed contains a significant amount of fat (40-50% as cocoa butter).

01 Cocoa trees
02 Cocoa fruit
03 Cocoa tree
04 Cocoa tree and fruits
05 Cocoa fruit
06 Cocoa fruit
07 Cocoa fruit
08 Cocoa tree and fruits
09 Cocoa fruits hanging from the tree
10 Cocoa fruit
11 Cocoa fruits
12 Cocoa fruits
13 Cocoa fruit
14 Cocoa fruits hanging from tree
15 Cocoa tree and fruits
16 Cocoa trees
17 Cocoa fruits
18 Cocoa fruits
19 Cocoa tree
20 Ripe cocoa fruits
21 Ripe cocoa fruits
22 Cocoa fruit and flesh
23 Cocoa fruit and flesh
24 Cocoa fruit flesh and beans
25 Cocoa fruit and beans
26 Cocoa fruit flesh and beans
27 Cocoa fruit and beans
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