The Golden Beach is a 3km long stretch of golden sand approximately 10km to the north of the park headquarters. The setting is absolutely breathtaking, with clean golden sand and the rainforest in the background. Behind the beach is a small freshwater beach lake through which a small river flows into the sea. This beach is suitable for turtles to land and lay eggs. The beach can be reached by walking for about 3-4 hours along the park trail or by chartering a boat.

01 Beach lake 02 Beach lake 03 Beach 04 Beach
05 Beach 06 Beach 07 Rainforest on beach 08 Beach lake and sand 09 Beach lake and sand
10 Reflections on water and sand 11 Reflections on water and sand 12 Reflections on water and sand 13 Layered sand bank
14 Stream outlet on beach 15 Stream outlet on beach 16 Stream outlet on beach 17 Layered sand bank
18 Beach 19 Sand and rainforest 20 Trees 21 Wild palm on beach 22 Pandanus fruit 23 Wild boar tracks on beach
24 Turtle beach 25 Beach and rocks
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